The Unfair Advantage


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This book is for any professional who works in inside sales, whether that role is called sales, customer service, telesales, or telemarketing. It looks at specific inside sales applications of the concepts and skills described in The Unfair Advantage: Sell with NLP! This guide assumes that you have read and are somewhat familiar with those ideas. Throughout this book, you will be given examples of scripts or phrases that highlight particular techniques. You will then be invited to write your own phrases using the specific techniques covered in the chapter. Be sure you write real scripts or phrases that would fit your work setting and customers. As you do the exercises, you will be building an “idea bank” that you can revisit and read later when you begin working with your customers or prospects. When you are ready to write a new script for a specific sales campaign, go to your “bank” and see the ideas that will make that script more powerful and effective for you. The more realistic your exercises are, the more helpful your “bank” will be.

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