Closing the Sales

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Traditional and gimmicky closing techniques are dead. Never be scared or reluctant to ask for the sale again and enjoy the confidence and peace of mind in knowing you have a process that works. Tap into Keith Rosen's unique, permission based approach to having a selling conversation with your prospects that fits your style of selling rather than having to 'pitch and close.' This book gives you the edge over your competition by showing you, step by step, how to get to "Yes" more often by aligning your selling approach with the prospect's preferred buying process and communication style without any pressure, manipulation or confrontation. You'll also get exactly what to say in any selling situation as well as the dialogue that the world's greatest salespeople use to defuse objections, ask for the sale and close the deal. Plus, over 100 case studies, templates and scripts you can use with Keith's powerful process driven selling approach.

. The five steps that make your sales presentations objection-proof.
. A step-by-step system that prevents cancellations, improves client retention and boosts referrals.
. Proven, permission based closing strategies that get more prospects to "Yes."
. The real reasons for price objections and why dropping your price will lose the sale.
. Three steps to defuse every objection; especially the ones you create.
. Questions you're not asking that turn more prospects into clients.
. Effective negotiation strategies.
. A proven method to boost your confidence and self esteem; permanently.

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